ALGONAISSANCE – New Word & Concept – 1st Time Published Here

January 7th, 2017

ALGONAISSANCE = a subtile yet revolutionary move by which artificial intelligence takes over human intelligence, a move initiated by humans but not necessarily for the good of the human species

This is the new (and somewhat opposite) version of Renaissance and it describes a fundamental change in humanity, as computer algorithms take over the mankind. The new noun is based on the Old Greek “Algos” + the French “Naissance”.

More details later on. For the moment, consider this post as the (informal but very true and singular) registration of the “patent” for what this new concept/word means.

Timeline: 2017 – The birth of an era where humans relinquish control over their individuality and became controlled by the very digital tools mankind created.

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1st Time I Write about Trump

November 9th, 2016

I did not want to mention anything about this during the US presidential campaign because the opinion of most of my contacts was against what I was thinking. Trump. He reminds me of Reagan, but I could be so wrong. This one also has to deliver. And this is only possible through unity both inside his country and in the way he conducts foreign policy. The World is changing and common dichotomous concepts like “living in a dictatorship vs living in a democracy” will be replaced by by complex pan-global movements like “acting as a planet while acting as a nation / a religion / a tribe / a group of interests and expanding in a way that is positive for all”. If Trump fails, he could become a new type of Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot – yet with a difference: he could be the one who has the real power to destroy everything. If he succeeds, we’ll all be better off on Earth and we could send next generations out there, in the future, taking mankind to a new stage, colonising worlds. Can Trump deliver? No, he can’t. But, especially with full control of the Congress, he could be instrumental in setting-up a platform top start with. The future will look after the rest. So, I welcome Trump not for what he is, but for what he could be the trigger of.

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July 10th, 2016

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